About Us

Our First Garden, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming educational experiences through school gardens. We believe in the power of gardens to provide a dynamic, hands-on learning environment that fosters environmental stewardship and holistic development in children

Our Team

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Allen Stenstrup

Founder and President

A former middle school science teacher, Al has more than 45 years of experience in the field of education.

Walter White

Chief Revenge Officer

Unique on revenge strategies!


Chief Security Officer

Intergalactic Bounty Hunter and Security Specialist

Pep Guardiola

Chief Strategy Officer

Responsible for shaping the strategic direction

Our Mission

We aim to integrate school gardens into the educational curriculum, providing students with an opportunity to connect with the earth, learn about sustainable living, and experience the joy of growing their own food

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Our Vision

Our Vision:
"We envision a future where every school has a garden, allowing children to develop a deeper understanding of the value of sustainable living and their role in creating a healthier, more environmentally conscious world